Maximizing Impact From Modest Resources

In 2006, John and Mary Anne Gamba established our 501(c)(3) nonprofit to formalize our collaboration as a family and to structure our monetary contributions. We frame our governance to optimize our distributions and to protect the growth of our original investment. We meet quarterly and issue grants annually. Our purpose is to influence progress. Our obligation is to give back. Our satisfaction stems from creating a legacy and working together as a family.

We Look For Alignment With Our Values And Priorities

1. Closing the historically chronic achievement gap for socio-economically disadvantaged children.

2. Providing post-secondary school financial aid to qualified need-based students.

3. Demanding rigorous accountability whether a public traditional school, or public nonprofit charter school.

4. Expecting consistent metrics and status reports on student progress to enable efficient and relevant comparisons between schools through our due diligence process.

5. Supporting teachers by elevating the profession to assure:

a. Abundant practical training, feedback from mentors, protected time for professional development, recurrent recognition, and prioritizing positive student-teacher relationships.
b. Retention and salary optimization based on measurable results linked to whole-child growth.

6. Rewarding successful school retool approaches that reinforce personalized learning strategies and strong teacher-student connections to nurture social-emotional learning and incorporate the rigor geared to close gaps in opportunity and achievement.

7. Reviewing proposals to meet our priorities consistent with challenging federal, state, and local education standards.

8. Framing our investments with humility, urgency and patience.

The Gamba Family

Our unique blend of education, corporate, entrepreneurial and philanthropic backgrounds serve us to serve others.
John F. Gamba, Sr

Co-Founder and Director

Mary Anne Gamba

Co-Founder and Director

Beth Gamba Steel

Executive Director