We Invest in Education

Drawing on our unique family history, the Gamba family credits education as the catalyst to positive life outcomes. We’re obsessed with closing gaps in achievement and opportunity. We fund nonprofit programs and schools in socio-economically challenged, urban areas, and provide scholarships for qualified need-based students.

With additional investments in post-secondary programs that embrace the principles of open discussion, divergent viewpoints, and constructive debate, we further intellectual diversity.



We Seek Proven Outcomes

Insisting on accountability and documented evidence of successful student-centered approaches, we envision a world of empowered students who will lead rewarding and productive adult lives.

We Optimize Private Funding

At our core, as a family-run foundation we believe our due diligence with private resources is essential to help organizations with successful track records. We fund groups thoughtfully managed by growth-mindset leaders who put children first. We assess the ability to tackle inequity. We evaluate the capacity for scalable and sustainable solutions.

We Meticulously Review Our Grant Recipients
  • Priority on whole-child well-being
  • Decisions based on best practices
  • Evidence of narrowing gaps in acheivement and opportunity
  • Driven to deliver career and/or college readiness
  • Total accountability for measurable results

Impacting the World of Education…One Student at a Time

Before and since its inception, John and Mary Anne Gamba and the Gamba Family Foundation have awarded meaningful resources to support a variety of approaches including tuition assistance for students, teacher training pipelines, high-impact tutoring, school transformation strategies, technology enhancements, scholar athlete programs, and education programs developed for PreK-12, undergraduate and postgraduate schools.


We Believe in Philanthropy as a Family Priority

We formed our Foundation with a mission to make a difference in education and share a spirit of giving back as a family.

A Cross Section of Our Work

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